[Cosplayflying] —— Justice League Versus Avengers: Who is Leading the Cosplay World?

[Cosplayflying] —— Justice League Versus Avengers: Who is Leading the Cosplay World?

Superhero movies have been a big hit from the past few years. Many people have been enticed by them and many superheroes have new fans each year. With that, big names such as Marvel and DC Comics are very well known both in comics and now in the movies with their superhero movie releases one after the other. Justice League, Aquaman, Avengers 4, Captain Marvel and more upcoming movies this year, more and more cosplayers want to do superhero cosplays.

Both DC and Marvel have their superhero groupies: Justice League and The Avengers to be exact. Well, both are composed of superheroes but which do you think has more charisma? Which superheroes are more appealing to cosplayers?

Let’s take a look and compare the characters and qualities of Justice League and the Avengers:

The Team: Both of these groups are composed of superheroes. A mix of humans, gods and aliens make both the teams, male and female. The team as a whole compliments each other; each member has a different skill and personality that make them likeable in their own ways.

It’s a tie both ways, it doesn’t matter if they are from the Justice League or the Avengers, everyone loves superheroes.

Superpowers: The Avengers have a genius millionaire who happens to be Ironman while the Justice League also has their genius in the form of Batman and a cyborg named well, Cyborg.  Girl power reigns more in the Justice League with Wonder Woman and Hawk Girl, both of which are strong, can fly and “not human” as opposed to Black Widow, but let’s be honest, Black Widow has the skills and with. The Avengers have a god, Thor but the Justice League also has Aquaman who happens to be god-like, so is Superman and Wonder Woman.  Then there’s the “epitome” of justice which is Captain America, he doesn’t have any super powers but he’s super human. On the other hand, Justice League has Superman. I think they are tie in this round.

Costumes: Looking at both of them, the movie version of the Avengers has more muted colors. Justice League has yet to release a movie. In the comics both teams are very colorful but personally, Justice League have a wider range of characters for both male and females. Cosplayflying has a wide array of superhero costumes that you can purchase if you want to cosplay a superhero.


It’s just a matter on which you prefer: a bikini like costume or leather overalls? Spandex or armor? So it’s still a tie for this round.

Want a Captain Marvel cosplay uniform like the one in the movie? You can get yours at Cosplayflying.com.


Then the question most people would ask involving these two groups: In a battle who would win? The Justice League or the Avengers? Well, why they fight in the first place, aren’t both of these groups superheroes on the side of justice? Well, just to answer the question, I am no superhero guru so I have no idea.

Whenever I go to a con there are always superhero cosplayers, it doesn’t really matter if they are cosplaying heroes from Justice League or the Avengers, the important thing is that they are having a good time.

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