[Cosplayflying] —— Why Cosplayers Are So Obsessed with the Love Live Series?

[Cosplayflying] —— Why Cosplayers Are So Obsessed with the Love Live Series?

Love Live! 6th Anniversary is the latest series to make the cosplayer circles go gaga over it! The female cosplayers are bonding over it and the guys are fixated! We are obsessed with cosplaying them, dancing to their tunes and just plain loving them to the bits. But, what is it about the series that is making it so popular? If you haven’t tried jumping on the bandwagon yourself, strap on your seatbelts, you just might get a few reasons to do so!


Super cute Anime Characters – ok, first things first! If we talk about the anime, it is really well done. The characters are likeable with their distinct personalities. Everybody has their favorites- whether it is Honoka, Kotori or Nico!

The Series Itself is Super Addictive - Yes, it all began when anime fans got addicted to the series. The plot is simple but totally engrossing. It is easy to keep up pace with but hard to lose interest. It’s got friendships, dreams and music. We love it all!


And, Insanely Popular – The series is catching on at a lightning speed! We already talked about how the plot is really interesting. But, the series has also managed to grab its audience with the “School Idol Festival” smartphone app. So much so that everybody is talking about it all the time.


It’s Easy to Relate– Girls especially find it so easy to relate to the characters in the anime. They are regular girls with big dreams and really, there is a little each one of them in all of us!


The Music is Oh so Cool! – The catchy soundtrack just makes it better. And cospplayer around the world are using it to add a new dimension to your cosplay.


It’s a Nice Mix of School and Idol Themes – We love school animes and we love idols. We get the best of both worlds with Love Live.


Cosplay Dance Routines!  - You instantly stand out in the crowd when you do a perfectly choreographed dance routine with your buddies in full cosplay. It’s making cosplaying all the more fun!


Cosplaying Together With Your Girlfriends – Nothing brings you closet together than cosplaying as a team! With Love Live it is just making it better! There are so many characters that you can girl bond while cosplaying easily and as a team.

Do We Need to Mention That the Cosplay Costumes Are Really Cute Too? – Now we are coming to the most crucial and obvious point that is making Love Live all the rage! Are those costumes cute or what? They are absolutely what a cosplayer dreams at wearing to a convention and catching the attention with.


And, So Many of Them to Choose From! – Yes, there are tons of cosplay costumes you can rock! From school uniforms to cute performances costumes that they wear on stage to cocktail kimonos – we are absolutely in love. You can choose all your favorites from cosplayflying.com!

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