[Cosplayflying] —— Why is “Deadpool” So Popular?

[Cosplayflying] —— Why is “Deadpool” So Popular?

Deadpool” has been a long time coming as a feature film, so what is it that makes the fan-boys clamor. “Deadpool” is probably one of the most popular hit movies by 20th Century Fox. It also broke the opening week record in cinemas in the history of R class movies. Actually this is a movie with simple plots and a low cost of only 58 million dollars. Among super hero movies, it is not even worth mentioning. Moreover, the cost is low enough as it is, the company still believes that it will be at a loss. It took the director and Deadpool himself 10 years to make it.


So who is this Deadpool? How much violence and pornography are included in this movie? Why such a character whose face is hidden under the mask is able to win not only a huge box office grosses but also the hearts of a great number of superhero fans? Like Producer Simon Kinberg said: Deadpool is a hard R!

Now please allow me to list the following points that make “Deadpool” a great hit movie.

(Warning: Too much cuteness overload in the following)

1. According to IMDb, there are 84 ‘f**ks’, 3 sexual cues and 21 jokes about sex in this movie.

Do you still remember the love scene in the trailer? I am telling you that is just an appetizer! In the movie, Deadpool contributes about five love scenes in the themes of different festivals like New Year Festival, Women’s Day, Thanks Giving Day and so on. For example, on Women’s Day, the girlfriend of Deadpool stands up and becomes the master of Deadpool.

2. If the violence and bloodshed is not enough for you in Kick-Ass, then Deadpool is going to be a kick ass for your excitement!

I believe that you have acknowledged the violence in the trailer. Even watching the killing can make you psychologically painful. Because he has got an eternal life, he is even more cruel to himself than his enemies. For example, he cut his hand with a knife inch by inch slowly. In his words, “this is the money shot” which implies that this is what audiences love to see.

3. Deadpool is one of the most R-rated superheroes in Marvel.

Dirty mouth is not the only reason why other superheroes dislike him. In the beginning, he does not even have a clear set of moral views like others do. He is nobody but a soldier of fortune who works for those who pay him the most. Sometimes he stands by the superheroes for money while sometimes he stands by the side of villain also for money.

4. Deadpool knows himself as a superhero and makes a conversation with fan audiences especially marvel fans.

In Marvel comics, Deadpool realizes that he is one of the superheroes, probably the funniest and the most real one. Consciously, he is trying to make a conversation with his marvel fans in the movie. On the one hand, he is joking around about Marvel heroes, while on the other hand, he is trying to maintain the highlights of Marvel heroes.

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