[Cosplayflying] —— Upcoming Mobile Game Disney Twisted-Wonderland

[Cosplayflying] —— Upcoming Mobile Game Disney Twisted-Wonderland

Recently, publisher Aniplex who created popular Fate/Grand Order revealed fans will see the debut of a new mobile game named “Disney Twisted-Wonderland” pretty soon. Interestingly, Disney Japan also took participate in it. Though only a snippet of new details were provided. According to the points below, we can still get some clue which is helpful for us to this potential game

• In the game, players assume the role of a “hero” who has been guided by a magical mirror and summoned to another world known as “Twisted-Wonderland”.

• Players will find themselves enrolled in a “prestigious magic training school” known as Night Raven College.

• While being a student there, players will apparently be aided by the mysterious masked headmaster to find a way to return home.

• However, the school is filled with rich delinquents who are out to make trouble and thwart players’ plans!

• Somewhat similar to Hogwarts from Harry Potter, Night Raven College is divided into 7 different dormitories.

• The first dormitory revealed is “Heartslabyul”, based on the cards army found in Alice in Wonderland.

• It was not stated if players will get to choose to join 1 of the 7 dormitories.

• The mysterious character which was seen waking up from a coffin in the teaser artwork is named “マレウス・ドラコニア”, or translated as “Maleus・Draconia”. Nothing is known about him yet.


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