[Cosplayflying] —— Professional Coslayers Living Situations

[Cosplayflying] ——  Professional Coslayers Living Situations

Sure, a lot of us cosplay for the love of the sub-culture, but there are some real pros out there who cosplay for a living. The behind the scenes world might look entirely different from the glitz and the glamour we are used to. Most of these pros might have started out the way we all do – by being dedicated fans of cosplay and just being their nerdy best. But, they face the obvious hurdles – the economic factor involved in cosplaying. To bluntly put it, cosplaying will cost you money and energy, and it is not always that one might get paid to attend conventions. It’s a crazy and hectic profession that is fun and rewarding most of the time but also draining. Taking into account all the realities of the pro cosplay world, a professional cosplayer’s lifestyle might become totally different from the average lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at the realities and real-time situations that a professional cosplayer deals with!

Cosplay life in a suitcase – The traveling is real, people! Professional cosplayers are on the move the entire convention season. It is not always that the conventions happen where you live. On the bright side they get their tickets sponsored.

Cosplay can get expensive - This is no news! Cosplaying at times can get more expensive than what they earn back. In fact sometimes you might actually end up paying to get to a convention, traveling expenses and costume expenses. Initially, they might even have to hire a professional to do your photoshoots and will have to pay them out of your pockets. Photographers, equipment – everything costs a mini fortune.             


Free Work? -  That doesn’t sound very groovy, but sometimes professionals end up making appearances for free.

DIY is the word – More often than not, professional cosplayers end up making their own accessories and designing their own costumes. But, they also might have to try their hand at photography.

Alternate Ways of Earning – Some professionals might opt for a day job, but not all. However, they do have to figure out different ways of earning. Only modeling and appearance fees don’t make a living. They often go for print sales or crowdfunding-  but what they need is to create a brand and develop a foolproof sales plan.

Full-time investment -  Contrary to what people might imagine the cosplay life to be – it is quie the full-time job. Cosplay can be an entire lifestyle for professionals, leaving them hardly any other time to pursue other professions.

Tons and Tons of Make-up – All that make up can take a toll on your skin – or not! But, it sure is hard work and everyday work for professional cosplayers.

Evolve and Thrive - Professionals have to remain dynamic and evolve with the cosplay world. They need to keep themselves updates with the latest happenings and every detail of characters they portray. For pro cosplayers failing to update themselves is falling behind.

Thinking Out of the Box  - The most important thing is to be creative and constantly evolve their cosplay. Pros need think out of the box to stand out in the crowd and become a brand that is recognized.

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