Cosplay Review – Marvel Avengers Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Cosplay Costume by Miku Chu Cosplay

Cosplay Review – Marvel Avengers Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Cosplay Costume by Miku Chu Cosplay

November 18th, 2019

I want to tell you about the Gamora cosplay that I received from the Cosplayfiying store.

Cosplayflying Gamora Cosplay Costume from Guardians of the Galaxy

The Seller
Let's begin. The service from the store was very good, they kept abreast of everything and resolved all my doubts. Cosplayfiying customized the costumes to suit the client but they also have standard sizes.


The Shipping
The shipping time was fast, they sent it approximately 10 days after it was ordered since I ask to be custom made. The package arrived approximately 20 days after it was dispatched, in total it took 1 month to arrived, I bought Cosplays in other stores and usually take the same time or may vary by little from Cosplayfiying, as they come from China in normal shipping usually take 1 month to 1 month and a half unless you pay for express shipping. But this is usually very expensive($30) and not worth it.

Accuracy of the Outfit
Now let's talk about the cosplay, the costume arrived in good condition, very well packed.
I liked the fabric of the suit, it's like lycra but the fabric is thick and fits very well. The blouse has a web-like fabric and the design is exactly the same as the character's. In total 6 pieces arrived. The blouse, the pants, 2 leg belts, 1 belt and a piece that goes around the neck. The belt and neck piece made of leather-like material with silver details. The pants and blouse also had details in Blue as the character's costume.

In general the quality of the fabric and the clothing is great, the only drawback I would have is that the gloves did not arrive and they appear in the reference image that Cosplayfiying has on their page, I feel that without them the suit seems uncomplete, so I made them to be able to fulfill everything the cosplay needed.

The Price
The price of this costume in Cosplayfiying is $ 119.99 usd which is approximately $ 2300 mxn
The frabric and the details have excellent quality but I feel that it is not a cosplay that is worth that price also it doesn't included shipping which would add approximately 30 usd more with express service. But analizing other costumes in Cosplayfiying there is much that if they are worth the price, for example the one of Gamora of Guardians of the galaxy vol 2 that brings the coat and has the cost of $ 123.99 usd but has more pieces and is very well made

I would buy in Cosplayfiying but I think it would be only a very detailed cosplay that I could not do or buy only cosplay shoes
They have very reasonable prices.

Ranking of the Costume
Cosplayfiying rating 4/5
Shipping Rating 4/5
Cosplay Rating 4/5
Price Rating 3/5

Sorry if my english is not the best i hope you can understand everything.

I'll be uploading more photos the next week.

Edición: Mika Chu Cosplay

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